CBSE Class X Physics - Human Eye and the colourful world

Fill in the blanks exercise from CBSE Class X Physics - Human Eye and the Colourful World

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1. The is one of the most valuable and sensitive organ.
2. The lens system of eye forms an image on a light sensitive screen called the
3. Light enters the eye through a thin membrane called the
4. The refraction for the light rays entering the eye occur at the out surface of the
5. is the dark muscular diaphragm that control the size of pupil
6. The regulates and control the amount of light entering the eye
7. The eye lens forms as inverted real image of the object on the
8. The is a delicate membrane having enormous numbers of light sensitive cells
9.The light sensitive cell activated upon illumination and generate signal

10.Curvature of eye lens can be modified to some extent by the
11.The change in the curvature of the eye lens change its
12.When muscles are relaxed the lens become thin and the focal length
13.The ability of the eye lens do adjust its focal length is called
14.The minimum distance which objects can be seen most distintly without strain is called .It is also called
15.The farthest pont upto which the eye can see object clearly is called
16.For a young adult with normal vision the near point of the eye is cm
17.The far point of the eye is for normal eye
18.The crystalline lens of people at the old age become milky and cloudy.This condition is called
19.It is possible to restore vision of people suffering from through a surgery
20.When we looking at object closer to the eye the cilary muscles
21.Sometimes with age eye may gradually lose its
22.The vision become blurred due to the defect of eye
23. also called nearsightedness
24.A person with can see nearby object clearly but cannnot see distant object distintly
25.In a myopic eye the image of a distant object is formed of the retina
26.Myopia can be corrected by lens
27.A person with myopia has the far point nearer than
28.A lens of suitable power will bring the image back on the retina for a person suffering from myopia
29. is also called longsightness
30.A person with can seen distant object clearly but cannot see nearby object distintly
31.A person having has to keep reading materials much beyond 25 cm from the eye
32.The light rays from a closely placed object are focused at a point the retina
33.The hypermetropia can be corrected by lens
34.For a hypermetropic eye, glass with lenses provide the additional focussing power required for formation of image on the retina.
35. The of the eye usually decreases with ageing.